Nameless Dancers – FLUTEMAN
White Art Studio Sessions 003
Music written and arranged by EugeneKha & Nameless dancers, 2010
Performed and recorded by Nameless Dancers feat K-Drock at White Art Studio, 2010
Released: 2011-11-10
Label: White Art Studio / Echoes Sounds
Catalog: WAS003-ES004-2011
Style: Funky and Jazzy Disco, Funk, Nu-Jazz
Total time: 21:53
Format: FLAC, mp3 (320 kbps)
Size: 127 mb (FLAC), 50 mb (mp3)
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1. Fluteman (Funky Disco Mix) (7:28)
2. Hot Funky Body (4:09)
3. Nameless Dancers feat. K-Drock - Fluteman (Unplugged Studio Jam) (6:07)
4. Hot Funky Body (DJ Jazzy Remix) (4:09)